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Studio Update

Mike Elsass’ acrylic on rusted steel paintings are only increasing in demand these days. For Mike, this means experimenting with new sizes, shapes, and painting techniques to bring fresh perspective to his work.  I spent the day at Mike’s studio and I was excited to see all the progress he’s made since the close of his large scale, Miraval Spa project. He is currently working on many different sets of tall, thin pieces. Below are images of his wildly popular 12×48 inch pieces. Mike is painting 15 pieces in this series. This size sells well at Gruen Gallery in Chicago, as well as here in Dayton. Mike has also been working on sets of both 9×74 and 8×62 inch pieces. If you like his tall, skinny, verticals, look for these new works in the Color of Energy Gallery soon!

Recently, Mike has also had a high demand for larger scale works. He has recently finished many 40×56 and 56×60 inch pieces that will surely stand out in any room. If you have a big wall in need of artwork, These sizes definitely have a strong presence in any setting.


Mike is excited about the energy in his studio. The bright washes of color and new texture explorations are really paying off! Great job, Mike! Enjoy these photos of Mike’s progress, and don’t forget to stop by the gallery to see the new work in person on Urban Nights. (May 11, from 5-10pm).