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Meet the Man

Glimpse inside Mike Elsass.


Through rusted, weathered steel, texture and layers of paint, Mike shares his artistic vision with the world. His creative process is less about the outcome than the experience. Through various sizes and shapes,  he captures a balance between rusted metal and nature-inspired palettes.

Reformed Businessman

In 2000, Mike closed a chapter on a successful business career to follow his dream of becoming a writer. On his journey to become a writer, he bought a painting from Dayton Artist Roger Sayre that would inspire a very different artistic journey. He began working in Sayre’s studio, earned an apprenticeship and developed a deep friendship that motivated Mike to find his own path through contemporary art.

Style and Influence

Mike is fascinated by the medium of weathered steel. Inspired to constantly experiment, Mike’s artistic vision yields contemporary abstracts inspired by his vision of nature and time, perfection and imperfection, joy and suffering an aspects of the human condition, mixed with the beauty of nature.


Front Street Buildings

Home to an eclectic mix of makers and dreamers, Front Street is a unique artistic experience on the east side of Dayton, Ohio. Inspired by the potential for color against industry, Mike Elsass pioneered the untapped frontier of the buildings, creating an artistic urban renaissance in Dayton.


The Process

Acronym Artists

Dedicated to community involvement and using his brush before brain philosophy to break down barriers, Mike continues to work with nonprofit community groups, utilizing art as therapy and the outcome to support missions that are growing and building the community. Art from the Acronym Artists is shown throughout Dayton.

Experience The Art