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Miraval Spa in the Robb Report!

Followers of Mike Elsass know he spends a lot of his time in Arizona throughout the year. The desert landscapes, fresh mountain air, and beautiful sunsets are an ideal place for an artist to muster up some inspiration. During many of his trips out west, Mike spends his days as an artist-in-residence at Miraval Spa in Tucson, AZ. Mike teaches workshops throughout the week and paints in the courtyard. Guests are invited to have a seat and get lost in the spirit of the moment. Mike is proud to be affiliated with this wonderful place, and they have been getting quite a lot of attention as of late. Most recently, Miraval Spa was named one of the world’s best spas by the Robb Report in their 25th anniversary magazine. Congratulations, Miraval!

The photo used for the magazine shows a small part of one of Mike’s large scale pieces made for the spa, named “Crosby.”. Take a look at the photos below, and click the link to the Robb Report’s article to read more about Miraval.

Robb Report

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