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Riding a Wave: NYC exhibit recognizes Dayton artist Mike Elsass’ flowing steel panels

Riding a Wave: NYC Exhibit Recognizes Dayton Artist Mike Elsass’ Flowing Steel Panels by Pamela Dillon

The Architectural Digest magazine is just 10 years short of being a century old. The continued success of the magazine spawned an annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show nine years ago. One of Dayton’s own artists will be exhibiting 30 works in “Made,” a juried selection of fine art and furnishings at the show from March 18-21 at Pier 94 in New York City.

Mike Elsass’s abstract works on rusted steel caught the eye of the jurors in a highly-competitive screening process. Of the 30 works he will be showing, two are large scale signature pieces. Those familiar with Elsass’s art will see a new dimension to these works. The steel canvas has undulating curves.

“I first saw a counterpart of the wavy surface at a gallery in Sedona. They had attempted a wave on a surface other than steel,” said Elsass.

“I’m now doing all kinds of wavy pieces. I’ve been working pretty much day and night ever since I got back on February 5.”

The bulk of the works he’ll be showing are smaller, and some will have multiple pieces — like thin vertical paintings hanging from a stable horizontal bar. According to Elsass, approximately 90 artists made it into the show from a pool of about 500 around the world.

“Made” emphasizes one-of-a-kind art and furniture.

“When I found out I was juried into the show, I was excited and scared,” said Elsass.

“New York City is kind of the place to go. But it’s costly to go, so there’s a risk element involved. Hopefully it will cause me to be more introspective in the work. Competing on a high level will hopefully make me a better artist.”

Another new aspect Elsass is gearing toward are pieces he coats for display outdoors. He’s placed some of his works just for that purpose recently in Atlanta, Ga., and two works at Miraval Spa in Tucson, Ariz.

“A lot of the energy I get for painting now comes from my ‘No Fear’ classes. I usually have about one per week. The day after, along with the mess, they leave their energy,” said Elsass.

In addition to Elsass’s works for the Archtectural Digest show, artists Dani Schmidt and Bob Rhoads will also be presenting pieces at the Color of Energy Gallery.