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Mike’s Adventures Out West!

While we are all recovering from winter storm Virgil and praying for spring to finally show up, Mike is painting in the hot Arizona sun!

Mike has been painting all over the great state of Arizona in the past few weeks. He began his venture painting with guests at the beautiful Hermosa Inn in Scottsdale. This was Mike’s first stay at Hermosa and he hopes to be back soon! He had a wonderful time painting with guests and staff.

After his weekend of painting classes in Scottsdale, Mike moseyed on down to Tucson where he is currently painting as artist-in-residence at Miraval Spa. This is not Mike’s first time at the resort. He has been artist-in-residence several times over the past copule years and is always happy to return to the beautiful grounds. Miraval Spa is a “luxury wellness resort dedicated to opening eyes, minds, and hearts.” Needless to say, Mike’s Brush Before the Brain philosophy is a welcomed mindset at the resort. Guests are encouraged to join Mike while he paints daily in the Arizona sun. Mike also teaches an advanced, Desert Palette class during his stay. Not only does Mike enjoy the bright, warm sun to paint in, but the Miraval spirit of mindfulness, or being present in the moment, is a mentality he strives to bring back to his studio in Dayton.

Mike will return to Dayton in a weeks time, mindful, tanned, relaxed and with plenty of new work!

Please enjoy some photos of Miraval Spa below. Try not to get too jealous of Mike!