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Larger Work, Bigger Spaces

Many of you know, Mike knows how to keep himself busy. He always seems to have a project or two going on these days. Mike recently began working on some new steel that is unlike anything he has ever done before. The new size and shape are what he likes to call “ripples”. The ripples were designed with Mike’s curved shapes in mind that are loved by so many people, but give a new, fresh perspective and challenge to the artist himself! 
The largest ripple is 38×92 inches and about 10 inches deep at its deepest point. We are excited to see how the new shapes look when they are finished and also to see where they end up! They are truly unique and bring a dimensionality to the work that has not been present before. Check back for more images and updates on these new shapes.

The ripples aren’t Mike’s only summer project. Recently, Mike has been involved in an effort with the city of Miamisburg to begin a summer art gallery in the downtown area. Together with city officials and local businesses, Mike was able to help set up a “pop-up” art gallery on Main Street  that will feature the work of many local artists throughout the summer. The opening took place in early June and featured work by Mike, the associate editor of the Dayton Daily News; Ron Rollins, and Dayton Police Major; Larry Faulkner. There will be two more shows held throughout the summer featuring other local artists. You can read more about the upcoming exhibitions here:

Not only has Mike had to opportunity to show his work in downtown Miamisburg this summer, but he has been able to paint his work there as well. As his work grows larger and larger, so does his need for a space to house the work. When Mike paints, he paints on many pieces at once, which can be challenging with the sizes he has been focusing on as of late. Not only has the space in Miamisburg transformed into a gallery, but the 3rd floor of the same building has become a space where Mike is able to view and paint on all his large pieces at the same time.

The brightly lit, 4,000 square foot room has become a chapel of sorts to him. Here, Mike is working on over 40 large pieces, including 40×56 inch pieces and 56×60 inch pieces. These works will be featured in R.A. Rhoads’ homes during Dayton’s Homearama from September 14-30 in Oakwood. Some of these pieces are also part of a large commission that will be shipped out west. Enjoy some photos below of Mike’s “summer chapel” and the progress of his new ripple shape, and as always, thank you for your support!